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  • Overview
  • Protection of Shareholders' Rights
  • Protection of Employees' Rights
  • Public Relations and Public Welfare
  • Protection of the Rights of Suppliers, Customers and Consumers
Social Responsibilities and Public Welfare
Taking Corresponding Responsibilities for Creating A Harmonious Society

Brother Enterprises has always attached importance to the realization of our enterprise social values. Through adhering to our enterprise mission of "Providing Values for Our Customers, Seeking Development for Our Employees, Earning Benefits for Our Shareholders, and Taking Corresponding Responsibilities for Creating A Harmonious Society", we have kept pursing the harmonious development of the enterprise and our employees, suppliers, customers, investors and society in practice, actively rewarded shareholders, practiced our social responsibilities, promoted environmental protection, resource conservation and recycling, and participated in social welfare and charity, in order to drive the revitalization of the local economy with our self-development and influence.

Protection of Shareholders' Rights

As a listed public enterprise, Brother Enterprises has continuously improved its corporate governance structure in accordance with the requirements of the Company Law, the Securities Law and other relevant laws and regulations. We have established a corporate governance structure consisting of shareholders' meeting, board of directors and board of supervisors, which respectively exercised the decision-making power, execution power and supervisory power, performed our information disclosure obligations in an earnest manner, and treated all the investors based on the fair, just and open principle. Moreover, we have attached great importance to the investment return of our investors.

Protection of Employees' Rights

Brother Enterprises has attached great importance to the protection of employees' rights, and has established the employee supervisor selection system in accordance with the Company Law, the Articles of Association and other provisions, so as to ensure employees to enjoy full rights in corporate governance; supported trade union to carry out its work according to law, and cared about and valued the reasonable demands of employees; improved the safety factor of employees' operations, and strengthened labor protection through optimizing and improving the working environment; listened to the voice of employees, and built a harmonious and stable relationship with employees through various methods and channels. Furthermore, we have also made a lot of efforts in employee satisfaction construction and team building, to further improve the level of employee welfare, reflecting Brother Enterprises' concern for employees and human-based management.

Public Relations and Public Welfare

Brother Enterprises has actively participated in social welfare undertakings, with an aim to create conditions for social harmony and stability. We have kept caring for employees in difficulties as well as caring and loving the lives of our employees, created jobs and provided certain positions for the disabled, in order to promote the construction of a harmonious society. Moreover, we have actively fulfilled our public welfare responsibilities, through caring for local elderly people, visiting nursing homes, and actively participating in social donations.

Protection of the Rights of Suppliers, Customers and Consumers

Brother Enterprises has insisted on providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services all the time; strengthening communications and cooperation with suppliers, so as to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results; strictly controlling product quality, focusing on product safety and protecting consumer benefits. Moreover, we have already formed a complete set of quality assurance system, and carried out strict management and control in accordance with the requirements in the production process, thus to fundamentally guarantee the quality of our products.

Safety Management Safety Management
Safety Management
Environmental Protection Management Environmental Protection Management
Environmental Protection Management
Quality Control Quality Control
Quality Control
Safety Management
Environmental Protection Management
Quality Control
Sustainable Development
Safety Management

Safety policy: 

Safety-first, prevention-focused, people-oriented continuous improvement.


Safety purposes:

 Care for life, and keep safety first; follow the rules and disciplines begin with me; I'm clear about safe practices, and will keep safety.

Safety management system: 

Brother Enterprises has introduced, implemented and passed the OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. We have been committed to complying with laws, regulations and other requirements, actively abiding by law, and reducing or eliminating occupational safety risks, in order to ensure to provide all our employees with a working environment that meets occupational health and safety requirements.

Occupational health and safety management:

Brother Enterprise has formulated the Occupational Health Management Procedure and the Occupational Health Monitoring Operation Guide according to the regulations, measures and rules regarding occupational health and safety management, and taking into consideration of the actual situation of the company, so as to protect the occupational health and safety of our employees in the production process.

Safety production accidents and emergency management: 

Brother Enterprises has set up a full-time emergency rescue team to deal with the occurrence of unexpected accidents. We have carried out regular emergency exercises each year, and in the meantime, made reasonable arrangements as to the staffs, machines, supplies and materials on the production site, and implemented fixed management, so as to ensure a safe and orderly working environment.

Sustainable Development
Environmental Protection Management

Environmental management policy:

Abide by environmental laws and regulations, increase environmental protection awareness, realize pollution prevention, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve continuous improvement.

Environmental management concept:

Green manufacturing and harmonious development.

Environmental management system:

To achieve sustainable development through energy saving and emission reduction, clean production and up-to-standard discharge.

Environmental protection management and pollution prevention:

Act according to laws and regulations, improve system, carry out stricter inspection, and strengthen rectification.

Sustainable Development
Quality Control

Brother Enterprises has kept adhering to the goals of improving product quality and optimizing customer services, and made continuous endeavors to establish and improve its quality management system. Through strengthening supervision and assessment, increasing quality investment, carrying out quality control activities, implementing high-quality projects and other measures, we have improved our quality management and quality control level in a continuous manner.

Quality Policy:

Build Brother Enterprises with technology-oriented, management-first, customer-highest, continuous innovation and quality improvement.

Satisfy the current and future customer demands, continuously improve product quality, and diligently provide customers with products and services in higher quality.

Product Certification Status:

ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, ISO22000 food safety management system, FAMI-QS European feed safety management system, ISO/IEC17025 national laboratory accreditation, KOSHER Kosher certification and WCA/TGI society responsibility/sustainability accreditation.

Quality Control Measures:

Brother Enterprises has set up Quality Department in all its production bases as its quality management implementation and supervision agency, which is mainly responsible for the development and improvement of quality assurance, quality control and product quality analysis methods, as well as conducting customer satisfaction surveys. The Quality Department conducts regular quality audits and manufacture procedure routing inspections on the product-related design and development, procurement, manufacturing, storage, distribution and sales services, and promptly puts forward rectification requirements, so as to ensure the effective implementation of the quality control measures formulated by Brother Enterprises.