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Career Development and Training System

Brother Enterprises has provided our employees with the development channel of double promotions through management sequence and professional sequence, and job transfer opportunities based on the development of employees and taking into account the vertical and horizontal development, thus to provide each employee with the best learning and growth platform.

Welfare & Remuneration

Brother Enterprises has provided employees with competitive salary and annual salary adjustment mechanism, as well as equity incentives, project awards, and outstanding employee awards and other incentive mechanisms; thorough welfare guarantees, including five social insurances and one housing fund, meal subsidies, accommodation/accommodation subsidies, communication subsidies, medical subsidies, holiday benefits, physical examination, delicious canteen, work clothes, family visit subsidies, etc.

Talent Concept

Talent is the most valuable treasure of the enterprise, which lays the foundation for enterprise development. Brother Enterprises has kept adhering to the guiding principle of "Promoting Business with Talents" all the time, and enabling every employee standing on the stage of Brother Enterprises to find the freedom to fly, thus to realize the mutual achievements between talents and the enterprise, and facilitate the common development of employees and the enterprise.

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