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We have been committed to contributing to clean and green resource utilization and environmental protection. Our products and services include the production and OEM of various kinds of molecular sieves and catalysts.

Related Products:
  • Zeolite Y/USY
    Used for catalytic cracking catalysts;Used for hydrocracking catalysts;Used for adsorbents and desiccants
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  • Zeolite SSZ-13
    Mainly used as vehicle emission catalytical treatment catalysts(SCR catalysts);Absorbent materials(like CO2 separation
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  • Zeolite SAPO-34
    Mainly used for MTO catalyst.
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  • Zeolite β
    Mainly used for oil refining and petrochemical industries(such as:hydrocracking catalysts,transalkylation catalysts,isomerization catalysts,etc.).Chemical industries,such as:olefin hydration catalysts,etherification catalysts,esterification catalysts,Disproportionation and isomerization catalysts,etc.
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  • TS-1 zeolite/ catalyst
    Mainly used for selective-oxidation processes,such as cyclohexanone ammoximation、olefin epoxidation(HPPO)、aromatic ring hydroxylation、phenol hydroxylation,etc.
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  • Zeolite ZSM-35(FER)
    Mainly used as isomerization processes(such as xylene isomerization、n-C4/C5 isomerization);Aromatic alkylation、aromatization、oligomerization、reforming oil and naphtha upgrading、FCC、fuel oil pour poin reduction,etc.
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  • Zeolite ZSM-5
    Mainly used for oil refining and petrochemical industries(such as:hydrodewaxing catalysts,catalytic cracking catalysts,FCC additives,Alkane alkylation、isomerization、aromatization catalysts,dewaxing catalysts,etc.). Absorbent materials,such as:hydrophobic material,VOCs absorbents,etc.
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  • Catalytic material Y1
    Used to prepare adsorbents, catalyst carriers
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