Stock Code:002562

EC number:914-129-3

Chemical composition: Basic chromium sulfate

Green powder
Chemical composition
Basic chromium sulfate
Cr2O3 – content, approximately
Basicity, approximately
Shelf Life
At least 2 years under high sealability
Paper bag or sealed bulk-bag, 25kg/bag or 900kg/bag


• BAYCHROM® A is a powdered chrome sulfate tanning material for use in the BAYCHROM® process in which basification takes place automatically during the tanning process.

• Basification during the tanning process, which frequently leads to variations in the quality of the leather, can thus be omitted. The tannage with BAYCHROM® A is more reliable and guarantees constant quality in the manufacturing of leather. It is simple, economical and time saving.

• BAYCHROM® A is suitable for tanning all types of leather.

• The tannage with BAYCHROM® A results in good, uniform uptake of chrome. The leather produced in this way is characterized by a fine grain, good completeness and uniform dyeing properties.



• BAYCHROM® A must always be added in powdered form. The drums must have a hollow axle or another method of ventilation to prevent the formulation of overpressure, which can occur even during conventional basification in the tanning process.

• In the BAYCHROM® process, a float length of 40-80% has proven to be suitable. The amount of acid in the pickle should be calculated to ensure that the final pH of the tannage is between 3.5 and 3.8.

• The automatic basification occurring with the use of BAYCHROM® A is helped by a gradual increase in temperature from 20-25℃. in the pickle to 35-40℃ at the end of the tannage. Since no supervision is required, the chrome tannage can be left to take effect automatically in the evening and overnight.

• BAYCHROM® A is also suitable for the retannage of wet blue, where at 2-4% (based on shaved weight) is added into a short float

with a temperature of 40-50℃.

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